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Support to the Establishment of Single Window for Export, Import and Transit procedures in the Republic of Tajikistan



Project Period:

06/2012 - 04/2014

Project Value:


No of Staff Provided:

2 Key Experts

Origin of Funding:


Name of Client/ Beneficiary:

Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Tajikistan

Description of Project:

The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is to contribute to poverty alleviation through the improvement of the business climate in Tajikistan.


The purpose of this contract is trade facilitation through the establishment of a Single Window for export, import and transit procedures


The Project will create a Single Window for export, import and transit procedures in the Republic of Tajikistan. The objective is to optimize administrative procedures and to reduce administrative barriers to the preparation of documents and applications required for Customs formalities through the establishment of a mechanism of effective information exchange between all the parties involved. The Single Window will enable traders to submit standardized application documents and receive official responses through a single channel in order to meet regulatory requirements related to foreign trade.

The Single Window for export, import and transit will save traders time and cost in collecting documents needed for export and import, and provide them with the opportunity to make payments for service fees charged by the involved Government agencies (SW Agencies) in one place. Predictability, transparency and integrity of related Government services will be improved through more effective interaction. The system will also allow centralized access to foreign trade data which will be of considerable benefit to both official users and trade users.


The Single Window Information System (SWIS) project is being developed in accordance with the UNECE Recommendation No. 33. Today, Governmental bodies are required to introduce more transparency, greater predictability of state requirements on the private sector, quality improvement of services provided as well as increased use of information and communication technologies. There are a sizable number of organizational and institutional issues that significantly restrict the increase of foreign trade and integration of the Republic of Tajikistan into the world economy. In this connection the imperative to introduce the Single Window in the area of the foreign trade of the RT is increasing. High expenses incurred by excessive regulation of foreign trade are directly reflected in the level of competitiveness both of companies and the country itself. These inefficiencies are then transformed into an increase in costs for foreign trade participants, such as higher expenses for servicing finance needed to trade, extension of payment cycles, increased inventory and other logistics expenses such as transport standstill, goods storage. Further, costs are included into the value of goods and place the burden on final consumers of those goods.


The main tasks of the SWIS include granting traders with access to all regulative requirements from all Government bodies and organisations involved in the process, accept in one place all documents and payments required for permits issuance, provide data exchange when processing of permits, permits unified database maintenance and subsequent access to it (primarily for the State Customs Service), and generate reports and statistics


Services Provided:

  • Project Management and Quality Assurance Management
  • Result 1: Single Window Information System (SWIS) Development and Testing
  • Prepare Detailed Specifications and Requirements for the Single Window System (SRS)
  • Design and configure the system's basic modules and information protection facilities
  • Configure and develop application software (ASW) for the implementation of the functionality of the SWIS sub-systems.
  • Conduct comprehensive testing of the system with the participation of the Contracting Authority's authorized representatives;
  • Prepare a training strategy, training methodology and environment for training
  • Result 2: Single Window Information System (SWIS) Pilot Implementation
  • Prepare a Pliot implementation Plan
  • Prepare a detailed training plan for the entire project;
  • Provide the testing and certification of the users and administrators of the system
  • Conduct interim and final (full month) reconciliation of the data of the new system;
  • Result 3: Replication of Single Window Information System (SWIS)
  • Prepare a system replication plan, including an implementation schedule for each of the participating regions;
  • Prepare the implementation of the system for each region;
  • Install the software at the project SW Agencies and its testing;
  • Submission of a system replication plan
  • Result 4: Providing warranty and Support Services

Name of Partners

  • Intrasoft International (Leader)
  • European Profiles
  • FG-Group Ltd