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Approximation of EU and RF technical regulation and standardisation systems



Project Period:

2013 - 2015

Project Value:

€ 1.293.500

No of Staff Provided:

3 Key Experts

Origin of Funding:

European Commission, ENPI

Name of Client/ Beneficiary:

Ministry of Industry and Trade  of the Russian Federation

Description of Project:

The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is to facilitate trade and to support closer economic relations between the Russian Federation and the European Union as part of the implementation of one of the most important priorities under the EU-Russia Partnership for Modernization.

The purpose of this contract  is to support the modernization of Russia's system of technical regulations, conformity assessment, market surveillance and standardization by means of:

  1. Approximation with the EU regulatory framework and infrastructure on  market surveillance for industrial goods.
  2. Approximation of conformity assessment procedures following the modular approach, designation of conformity assessment bodies and further approximation of legal metrology system;
  3. Approximation with EU legislation in defmed product areas;
  4. Support to the EU - Russia regulatory cooperation through the Regulatory Dialogue established under the Common Economic Space roadmap.


Services Provided:

Component 1:  Market Surveillance

1.1. Analytical report and gap analysis between the EU and RF/CU/EEC regulations valid in Russia and regulatory responsibilities relating to market surveillance, including compliance verification at the borders.

1.2. Recommendations on approximating with the EU overall regulatory and organizational framework for market surveillance including market surveillance principles, measures and implementation.

1.3. Recommendations on the setting up and operation of a market surveillance infrastructure covering enforcement of horizontal and sectoral technical regulations relating to industrial goods, information support systems and information exchange.


Component 2: Conformity assessment and use of voluntary standards

2.1. Analytical report on RF/CU!EEC regulation s valid in Russia and drafts under development relating to conformity assessment procedures and their sectoral application, responsibilities and obligations of manufacturers and other economic operators (importers, distributors) and related implementation policies.

2.2. Recommendations on approximating with  the  EU  regulatory  framework  for the marketing of products, to recommend , as necessary, the adaptation of regulations and the setting up of implementation guidance (i.e. coordination  of conformity  assessment bodies (CABs), listing of CABs)).

2.3. Analytical report on RF/CU/EEC regulatory requirement s, procedures and policies relating to the use of standards in support of technical regulations.

2.4. Recommendations on approximating with EU regulation s and policies, to recommend procedures and a policy for the use of standards in support of the technical regulations and the regular publication of standards lists.


Component 3: Sectoral technical regulations and standards

3.1. Analytical report on existing RF/CU/.EEC technical regulations valid in Russia and draft technical regulations including analysis of their implementation and the situation with the availability of standards in the support of the aforementioned technical regulations, in the following areas: Construction, Eco design and energy efficiency, electrical and mechanical engineering products , Legal metrology, measurement  instruments, gas appliances, telecommunication equipment.

3.2. Recommendations  on approximating  with  relevant  EU  legislation,  including recommendations  on  the  new  technical  regulations,  necessary  amendments, implementation  practice,  setting up and  listing of appropriate  standards. The overall coherence between the horizontal and sectoral technical regulations, to be applied simultaneously, should be taken into account.

3.3. Construction area: recommendations on approximating with the EU legislation and standards in this sector; including the setting up and future development of a systematic approach covering in particular following aspects: basic requirements for construction works, technical specifications for the assessment of performance in relation to essential characteristics of construction products; a system of codes and methods of calculation following the approach of Eurocodes; transitional policies.


Component 4: Support to the EU - Russia Regulatory Cooperation

4.1. Ad-hoc advice and support to the meetings of the Regulatory Dialogue.

4.2. 10 events (awareness raising/capacity  building/training)  are organized  for the Russian Government and federal executive bodies involved in decision­ making on technical regulation and standardization issues. These events will specifically address technical regulation management practices (standardization, conformity assurance, market surveillance).

4.3 10 information events are organized for EU and Russian stakeholders (industry, standardization and conformity assessment bodies, etc.) on activities under components 1-3.

Name of Partners:

  • Evoluxer S.L. (Spain)
  • Austrian Standards Institute (Austria)
  • Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology (SIQ) (Slovenia)
  • LGAI Technological Centre S.A. (APPLUS+LGAI) (Spain)