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JUDICIAL SERVICES AND SMART INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECT - Analysis of the Extent and Causes of Gender-Based Violence and Preparation of a National Strategy and Action Plan for Improving Support for Victims of Such Violence



Republic of Azerbaijan

Project Period:


03/2015 – 04/2016

Project Value:


$ 255.640

No of Staff Provided:


3 KE

Origin of Funding:


World Bank

Name of Client/ Beneficiary:

Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Description of Project: The overall objective of the project is to enable the MOJ (as the implementing agency for the JSSIP), the courts (as a key JSSIP project beneficiary) and other stakeholders to achieve the JSSIP results indicators relating to gender-based offences, including the development of a National Strategy and Action Plan to address gender-based offences, laid out in the JSSIP Results Framework.
The specific objectives are:
a) Identify and analyze the nature, extent, causes and trends of gender-based violence (including domestic violence) in Azerbaijan;
b) Analyze and evaluate the existing legislative, institutional and policy framework for dealing with gender-based offences, including the capacity of the justice system to dealing with such offences (including gender-based violence) and provide support for victims;
c) Identify the key issues, challenges and barriers to access to such systems and support services for victims of gender-based offences such as domestic violence and human trafficking;
d) Recommend short-term, medium-term and longer-term legislative, policy and institutional actions needed to improve access to Azerbaijan’s legal and justice systems and services to support victims of gender-based violence, in line with international and regional benchmarks and good practices; and e) Develop a draft of a National Strategy and Action Plan to reduce gender-based offences by recommending, among other things, actions to:
i. Build adequate implementation capacity in identified government entities (including addressing gaps in training and sensitization)
ii. Develop a suite of appropriate services and facilities to address such offences,
iii. Improve consultation, coordination and information-sharing between relevant entities in government, academia and civil society on gender-based offences,
iv. Strengthen the existing statistical collection, analysis and reporting system for such offences in line with good international practices,
v. Develop and implement an appropriate communications, outreach and change management strategy targeted to agencies and officials working on gender issues as well as civil society, municipal/rayon leaders, the legislature, academia and Azerbaijan’s international partners, taking into account international good practices in this area,
vi. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the National Strategy and Action Plan through appropriate results indicators.

Services Provided:

• Preparation of a diagnostic report, undertaking the respective research, analysis and evaluation of the nature, extent, trends and causes of gender-based offences in Azerbaijan, and the existing legislative, institutional and policy framework for dealing with such issues.

• Preparation of a draft National Strategy and Action Plan for reducing gender-based offences, strengthening systems for periodically collecting and sharing reliable and accurate data and information on such offences, and improving support for victims of gender-based violence, which shall include but not be limited to the following:
i. Recommendations to improve systems and services to support victims of gender-based violence, including to improve access to legal and justice systems and services, through the development of targeted interventions (such as legislative, policy and institutional improvements, service delivery and process improvements, training, outreach and communication plans), which: (a) address the key issues, challenges, gaps and barriers outlined in the Diagnostic Report, and (b) take account of lessons from international experience and international good practices.
ii. An overall strategy, a sequenced list of actions (in the short, medium and longer term), resources/costs, consultations, implementation/coordination/oversight responsibilities, imple-mentation timeline, monitoring and evaluation indicators.

Name of Partners

Azerbaijan Risk Professionals Association (ARPA)