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JUDICIAL SERVICES AND SMART INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECT - Piloting Innovative Provision of Legal Aid Services in Azerbaijan – Non-governmental Organizations



Republic of Azerbaijan

Project Period:


01/2018 – 01/2019

Project Value:


$ 262.156 (219.216EUR currency conversion at 11/01/2018)

No of Staff Provided:


1 KE (TL)

Origin of Funding:


World Bank

Name of Client/ Beneficiary:

Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Description of Project:

The objective of the assignment is to assist the MOJ to:

(a) Identify innovative and cost-efficient ways of providing legal aid services, including (i) awareness-raising, (ii) counselling, (iii) mediation, and (iv) (if and as permitted) representation of vulnerable groups, such as IDPs, women, juveniles, minorities, poor and rural/underserved communities;

(b) Identify solutions to overcome barriers and challenges in accessing justice particular to vulnerable groups of the population; and

(c) Develop and implement findings and recommendations to improve access to justice and legal aid services based on an evaluation of the activities implemented.


Conduct monthly data collection to further identify needs and demands which will feed into ongoing provision of services and provide the basis for the recommendations developed

Services Provided:

Provision of legal aid and related services (legal representation if and as permitted), outreach and data collection, financed by JSSIP, will be provided by national and/or local policy research institutes/think tanks and/or non-governmental organizations. This model has been used selectively in some areas in Azerbaijan but has so far not been tested for its effectiveness and cost-efficiency. This model is based on the assumption that most of the demand will be for legal information and counselling.


Specific activities: 

  • Identification of NGOs which are interested and able to provide legal aid services for free and on a volunteer basis in the pilot territories; 
  • Development of an outreach and awareness strategy to inform and reach target groups where activities to be undertaken, plan for implementation, resources, monitoring etc are provided.
  • Identification of legal aid services providers – a continuous process Implementation of the outreach and awareness raising plan  Provision of legal aid services
  • Comparative analysis of legal aid services against good practices  Updating and revision of the outreach and awareness strategy  Organise Data Collection and Processing
  • Development of a system of data collection, processing and reporting
  • Organise Consultation Workshops and Networking
  • Organisation of a number of workshops where NGOs representatives as well as recipients of legal aid services will participate in order to discuss opportunities and threats, barriers and challenges and ways to overcome them as well as ways of collaboration and recommendations for future actions.
  • Promotion of networking to create a sustainable network of ad-hoc “legal clinics”

Name of Partners

Azerbaijan Risk Professionals Association (ARPA)