European Profiles S.A. has been awarded the WB project in Azerbaijan “Development of skills building materials & trainings for use of the e-applications (e-Court,e-Enforcement)”, within the framework of “Judicial Services and Smart Infrastructure Project"

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European Profiles in cooperation with the Azeri company ARPA Consulting has been selected to support the Azeri Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Courts and other Justice Institutions by training their staff in the use of e-applications (e-Court, e-Enforcement) and development of skills building materials.

The Development of skills building materials and trainings for use of the e-applications (e-Court, e-Enforcement) will be designed along four main objectives:
a)Development of the skills building materials regarding the usage of “e-Court” and “e-Enforcement” information systems;
b)Provide hands on and on-line trainings to ALL staff in the “use of e-court and e-enforcement applications”, based on their level of use/responsibility/need;
c)Provide assessment tools, logistics and related technical assistance support to ALL staff to ensure adaptation/implementation of skills on site;
d)Develop and implement clear strategy for change management and communication to ensure organizational changes are implemented as envisioned.

It is planned to train approx. 5000 people i.e Ministry’s Staff, Courts’ Staff and Judges in six regions of the country.