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Support for the Implementation of the PCA between the EU and the Kyrghyz Republic -Phase 2


Kyrgyz Republic

Project Period:

02/2004 - 03/2006

Project Value:

€ 1.872.150

No of Staff Provided:


Origin of Funding:


Name of Client/ Beneficiary:

Government of Kyrgyzstan

Description of Project:

The objective of the project is to integrate Kyrgyzstan into the world economy and help the country's authorities to implement the EU - Kyrgyz Partnership and Co-operation Agreement (PCA). This will be done by bringing its key trade and investment related legislation progressively into line with the body of European Community law.

The main activities will include:

A. Component 1: Legal Approximation

  • Assistance to identify priorities for the revision of the Kyrgyz legislation,
  • Assistance to legal drafting,
  • Preparation of case studies,
  • Training of the staff of the public bodies,
  • Translation of relevant EU legislation.

B. Component 2: Policy Advice - Institution building

  • Action plan of activities of the Inter-Ministerial Coordination Committee,
  • Assistance to develop an Action Plan on key areas of government policy,
  • Feasibility study for the setting-up of a Policy and Legal Advice Centre,
  • Training and Regional workshops.

C. Component 3: Public Administration Reform, Monitoring and Reporting

  • Development a strategy for Public Administration,
  • Training of civil servants,
  • Assistance to develop and implement a monitoring system of the implementation of reforms.

Component 4: Participation of civil society into the policy debate

  • Identification and co-operation with local institutions and think-tanks,
  • Commissioning of papers from other foreign and domestic specialists.

Component 5: Publications

  • Publication of studies on local macro-economic trends.

Component 6: Library and documentation facility

  • Support the library and documentation facility through procurement of equipment and publications

Services Provided:

  • Public administration reform
  • Policy Advice
  • Institutional and Capacity building
  • Organisation and Delivery of Training programmes to civil servants
  • Legal drafting, legal approximation
  • PCA monitoring mechanism
  • Organisations of databases/publications
  • Feasibility studies for the establishment of support structures
  • Co-operation with NGOs and civil society
  • Public Awareness campaign

Name of Partners:

  • CECL (GR)
  • GFA Management (D)
  • Altair Asesores (ES