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The psychological and social profile of migrants



Project Period:


Project Value:

€ 20.000

No of Staff Provided:


Origin of Funding:

Institute of Migration Policies

Name of Client/ Beneficiary:

Institute of Migration, Ministry of Internal Affairs

Description of Project:

This project aims to explore the concept of integration in institutional and experiential level as a policy objective and everyday life. It rejects the static display of society and the unilateral adaptation of migrants while but at the same time it accepts the diverse and complex social organization as a framework for analysis of integration, without denying the issue of enforcing the rights of migrants and immigrants. The basis of investigation and analysis of this project is the social, political and economic relations and ways to understand and manage both institutional actors and migrants.

These perceptions, as briefly mentioned, lead to the adoption of qualitative research with semi-structured interviews addressed to the following actors:

1) To the institutions which design policies of integration of migrants.

2) To migrants and their individual and collective perception, experience and ways or negotiating their integration into Greek society.

For the structure of the interviews we have used the knowledge from previous research on integration which had used semi-structured interviews and we re-adjusted and supplemented them to meet the requirements of this research

Services Provided:

  • Survey carried out on migrants from Albania, migrants from the countries of the former Soviet Union, and migrants from Arab countries.
  • Translation of the surveys into Albanian, Russian and Arabic by research assistants with good knowledge of these languages and experience in conducting research.
  • Survey carried out on various bodies of Greek society in order to analyse the ways of designing policies for the integration process of migrants, as well as their participation in decisions and initiatives on immigration and their dissemination to Greek society.
  • Collaboration with NGOs and other bodies of migrants in order to design actions in shaping the integration process of migrants.

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