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Technical assistance for addressing the social impact of economic restructuring and privatisation in Western Siberia



Project Period:


Project Value:

€ 1.550.000

No of Staff Provided:


Origin of Funding:

EU Tacis Programme

Name of Client/ Beneficiary:

Regional administrations of the Novosibirsk, Kemerovo and Omsk Oblasts.

Description of Project:

The 1993 TACIS Regional Programme for Western Siberia, provided support to privatisation initiatives undertaken by large enterprises in the Novosibirsk, Kemerovo and Omsk Oblasts. These initiatives created social implications at the employment and social protection levels, affecting the enterprises, the local administrations and other actors in the social security system. The project Financed these implications with the view to elaborate a regional policy of social protection and services and to absorbing and converting the social assets and activities of the privatised companies.

Services Provided:

  • Analysis of the existing situation focusing on: (a) the legal and institutional framework concerning the elaboration of social policies (b) the institutionalised actors involved in the new social protection system resulting from the economic reforms and, (c) the private voluntary organisations and their role and participation in the shaping of the social protection services system.
  • Formulation of policy options concerning the creation of a five level social welfare net, comprising (a) state welfare, (b) basic social insurance, (c) auxiliary social insurance, (d) insurance funds for the self employed and, (e) private insurance.
  • Study tour visits of 10 officials in Germany, Greece and the United Kingdom, with the view to familiarising these officials with the social security schemes and systems existing in the EU countries.
  • Organisation of 4 regional 5-days workshops in W. Siberia with the participation of EU experts, on issues concerning the implementation of the policy options mentioned above.

Name of Partners:

  • The EU consultant Local Unit
  • ITLD