Private Sector

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Our experience in the Private Sector covers a wide range of management consulting projects funded by private companies established in Greece and abroad, specialised in a wide range of business activities.

We have provided management consulting to a wide range of clients from the Private Sector, such as:

  • National Bank of Greece, Greece
  • KEDR Bank, Russia
  • BSB, Greece
  • Agrino SA, Greece
  • ΑLUMIL SA, Greece
  • DATALEX, Greece
  • NOKIA Hellas, Greece
  • Τypoekdotiki Printing Company, Greece
  • Doukas Primary and Secondary Education School SA, Greece
  • VETERIN SA, Greece
  • RAMINO S.A., Greece
  • Union of Agricultural Cooperations of Aitoloakarnania Prefecture, Greece
  • Greek Federation of wine producers (SEO), Greece
  • Sitia Union & Eleona, Greece
  • Enterprise Ireland
  • Mario Valentino, Italy
  • Leningratski Metalichestky Zavod SA, Russia