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Development and Improvement of Financial Planning Systems and Financial Management of Hospitals by using Computerized Double-entry System



Project Period:

01/2012 - 06/2013

Project Value:

€ 492.246,00

No of Staff Provided:


Origin of Funding:

NSRF 2007-2013,

Name of Client/ Beneficiary:


Description of Project:

The project is the main tool of the Greek Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity (MHSS) to support the public reform in the health sector. Strategic scope of the project is to reform and enhance a viable and efficient health and welfare system in order to maintain a high level of health and wellness the population of a country.


Through the implementation of the current project, a significant gap that exists today within financial services executives of hospitals in Greece will be filled. The expert group, with daily support, will channel the required know-how for the full development of the double-entry system and will also serve as a form of ‘economic' inspectors of the Memorandum.


On this basis, the proposed project, which involves creating a support mechanism for the implementation of the computerized double-entry system at 54 hospitals across the country, was designed. EUROPEAN PROFILES was awarded Lot 8 - 7th Regional Health Directorate (Crete) and the 5 hospitals within it.


The expected outcomes from the consultant's services and the support mechanism that will be developed will involve three levels and are presented in detail below. On this basis the project will implement a support mechanism for the implementation of the computerized double-entry system in 5 hospitals of the Region.


The mechanism includes three levels of support:

  • The first level that regards support services of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare at central level with the main lines the support in financial - accounting counseling and the provision of IT services support and expertise.
  • The second level concerns the provision of consulting services (accounting - financial as well as IT) of the 7th Regional Health Directorate.
  • Finally, the third level concerns the accounting - financial and IT support of the 5 hospitals in the Region of Crete, which are included in 7th Regional Health Directorate to which the interventions for the completion of double-entry system will be applied.

The total duration of the project is 18 months.

Services Provided:

A: Support Services 7th Regional Health Directorate
A.1 Financial and accounting support
A.2 IT consulting support
B: Technical Support Services of 5 Hospitals on Crete
B.1 Assessment & evaluation of the current situation of the financial - accounting and management functions/operations of hospitals in Crete Region
B.2 Technical support Services for the (re-)organization of processes of core departments of the hospitals in CreteRegion
B.3 Support to the improvement of Management Information Systems of the hospitals. Support to the operation of general and analytical accounting and public accounting systems of hospitals in Crete Region
B4 IT Consulting Support Services of hospitals in Crete Region

Name of Partners: